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June 2020

“DeCicco Cares” Program Continues to Help Communities

By Joe Nunziata


For DeCicco & Sons, “Quality First” is far more than a brand theme line. It has been its mission statement – and promise – that goes beyond its premier food products and outstanding customer service. It’s a virtue that, since its inception more than 40 years ago, extends into caring for and helping the communities in which they serve. Now more than ever, the popular family-owned supermarket chain – through its “DeCicco Cares” benevolent program and its award-winning Catering Department - has been donating food and coordinating constant support for the local healthcare front liners, fire departments, police departments, EMT and ambulatory organizations, essential service businesses, food pantries, soup kitchens, volunteer organizations… and beyond.


According to Luisa DeCicco, Director of Human Resources and Founder of DeCicco & Sons Events & Cuisine, “Our team members, our customers and our communities continue to be our priorities. Whenever and wherever we are able to help, we will.”


Luisa continued, “The pandemic caused many parts of our store to cease operating, such as our massive catering division, our food bars, bakery, pizza, sushi, and prepared foods. So in order to keep all these extra people on our staff employed, we utilized them to spearhead our DeCicco Cares Program to prepare and deliver large quantities of well-deserved meals for our much respected local first responders in our communities where our stores are located. This is our small contribution to the brave men and women who are keeping us safe… for which we are so grateful.”


For the DeCicco Family, that gratefulness strongly extends to all of their incredibly hard-working team members.  Every single day, DeCicco & Sons team members are celebrated and served a free hot breakfast and lunch made especially for them – all with an extensive selection of five options… plus salad and dessert.


DeCicco & Sons locations can be found in Ardsley, Armonk, Brewster, Harrison, Larchmont, Millwood, Pelham and Somers (with Eastchester soon to come).


Since the beginning of May alone, a huge amount of food has been donated through DeCicco Cares, in addition to their ongoing support of local volunteer and charitable organizations, assisting those in the community in a multitude of ways. Significant assistance has also been provided to local food pantries with donations of over 6,000 goods.


John DeCicco Jr, President of DeCicco & Sons, continued, “We truly are all in this together. We are extremely grateful for the tremendous sacrifices people all around us are making… including our front-liners, our team members, and our volunteers. We will do our very best to continue to help…even with this overwhelming magnitude of need. And perhaps we can inspire others to join in as well.”


It’s no wonder the Pelham Civic Association – one of New York State’s most active charitable, volunteer organizations, have bestowed its most prestigious Person of the Year Awards to John DeCicco, Sr. in 2004 and John DeCicco, Jr. and Luisa DeCicco in 2015.


To find out more about DeCicco & Sons and its “DeCicco Cares” Program, visit deciccos.com.