May 2018

The iDEKO Productions Core Team, left to right: Evan Korn, CEO, Managing Partner; Cristin D. Burtis, Partner; David J. Knee, Director Business Development/Venue Consulting.

iDEKO Productions Special Events Management Team Visits City Council RLM

By Stephen E. Lipken


The iDEKO Productions Core Team presented a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Strategic Guidance for Special Events Management at the April 17, New Rochelle City Council Regular Legislative Meeting (RLM).  “We all want strong, attractive events that showcase our City well,” Director of Marketing and Communications Kathy Gilwit noted. “We really want a team that will…recommend ways to expand, market and add more events.”


CEO/Managing Partner/Co-Founder Evan Korn and Partner/Co-Founder Cristin D. Burtis started iDEKO in 2013, after working with events management in the Giuliani and Bloomberg NYC administrations.


 iDEKO Director of Business Development/Venue Consulting David J. Knee pointed out that they want to make the City more attractive to vendors and producers as well as a partnership connecting New Rochelle to the larger metropolitan area.


Anticipated services for New Rochelle include: City’s current permitting processes (including events, film, park and building permits); City’s current events schedule with a deeper analysis of three events for process and recommendations; Event advertising, promotions, marketing and sponsorship procedures; All permit-driven revenue markers (including film); and Analyze City event locations and identify underutilized and potential spaces.


The iDEKO RFP was approved.


Discussion items included a $1 million-dollar grant from the New York State Restore New York Communities Initiative to repair the Armory.  City Manager Charles B. Strome III said that the money would mostly be used for stabilization of the roof.  “One of the reasons why it is so expensive to replace the roof is the asbestos,” Commissioner of Development Luiz Aragon commented.


Councilman Louis Trangucci inquired about the policy of refunding unused Parking Permit time, especially for citizens leaving the area.  Aragon replied that pro-rated refunds can be given for: loss of employment, documented by the employer; extended maternity leave; extended sickness, both documented by a physician; and death of permit holder.


Regarding transferring permits, people can change the license plate number on a Regular Permit; with Senior Permits, only to another eligible senior.




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