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May 2020

DeCicco & Sons Helps Neighborhood

Restaurants & Businesses

By Joe Nunziata


Charles Dickens once wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Well, no doubt, we are living in uncertain times. But there is one thing that is certain: the importance of helping those in need, and relying on each other for so many things.


There always seems to be someone in the neighborhood who you can turn to for calmness, support, and encouragement… and always reminding us, that by working together as a town, a village, a neighborhood – friends and family alike – we can and will get through times like this. For more than thirty years, my family and I have had the privilege of knowing a special family who always seems to be there to help others when they are needed the most. It’s a supermarket you know as DeCicco & Sons. Just recently, when many restaurants and companies throughout the County saw their businesses come to a screeching halt, it was DeCicco & Sons – not surprisingly – doing their part to support them. Being a family-owned supermarket chain with eight locations throughout the County, the “neighborhood-like” DeCicco & Sons realized that when they discontinued their hot and cold food bars throughout all of their stores, there was an opportunity where they could still offer their customers high quality, ready-to-serve cooked foods… but this time from other local chefs and restaurants, thus, supporting these restaurants who had robust kitchens that were not being used… and now can stay open and keep many of their staffs employed. The DeCicco’s are also helping many other retail businesses by filling their shelves with other businesses’ quality foods and products.


Coming to the aid of those in need is nothing new to DeCicco & Sons and their family. They continue to be loyal and committed supporters in every community they’re in, donating to the school systems, helping individuals and families in need, supporting charitable causes that make a difference in enhancing the quality of life.  It’s no wonder they have been presented with prestigious awards such as Persons of the Year, the Best Family-Owned Business, and the EPA’s Platinum Green Chill Award for their enhancement of eco-friendly technology throughout their stores. All this while DeCicco & Sons sustains its brand mantra and promise of “Quality First” by making sure that their customers have an even larger selection and variety of quality foods and products to choose from!


Yes, we are living through some very trying times. But the more we look at families like the DeCicco’s, the more we can be encouraged to stick together, and do our part in helping others in need. Then, we can all look forward to the near future when once again we’ll be enjoying the best of times.


DeCicco & Sons locations can be found in Ardsley, Armonk, Brewster, Harrison, Larchmont, Millwood, Pelham and Somers. You can also visit them on deciccos.com.