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May 2020

News from the

New Rochelle Public Library

April 7, 2020


NEWS FLASH! The new reopening date for the main New Rochelle Public Library and the Huguenot Children's Library is April 30th, per Governor Cuomo's extension of the "Stay-at-Home" order.


The New Rochelle Public Library Board of Trustees monthly meeting previously scheduled for April 9th has been cancelled.  The next Board of Trustees Meeting, and a 2020-2021 Budget Hearing, will be held on May 7th at 7:00 pm in the Ossie Davis Theater.


Mystery and Sci-Fi eBooks!

For your reading pleasure, our librarians have been busy ordering new titles to add to the NRPL ebook collection!



In the mood for some classic crime fiction? Check out these online collections:



Look here if you're in the mood for Dorothy L. Sayers, Margery Allingham, or Agatha Christie, writers from Britain's Golden Age of Crime. If you're a fan of Christie's Miss Marple, also check out Patricia Wentworth here; her Miss Silver mysteries will remind you of Christie's work.



Want more classic crime? Here you will find Ngaio Marsh's Roderick Alleyn mysteries as well as Josephine Tey, author of the fascinating Daughter of Time. In an interesting twist, author Nicola Upson has chosen to make Tey the main character in her own series of mysteries, which you can also find here. If you prefer a more American take on crime, Overdrive offers the work of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Ross Macdonald and John D. MacDonald.


Sci-Fi on Overdrive

While you're stuck in your home dimension NRPL has you covered with all the latest and best in Science Fiction available for warp speed download with your library card!


You'll find the latest from big guns like William Gibson (Agency), John Scalzi (The Last Emperox), Jeff Vandermeer (Dead Astronauts) & C.J. Cherryh (Resurgence) as well as the biggest tie-ins like Rise of Skywalker (Rae Carson) and Star Trek: Picard: The Best Hope (Una McCormack). And don't forget these latest critical SF faves as well:


The Companions, Katie M. Flynn; Riot Baby, Tochi Onyebuchi; Upright Women Wanted, Sarah Gailey; Docile, K.M. Szpara; Zed, Joanna Kavenna; A Beginning at the End, Mike Chen; The Vanished Birds, Simon Jimenez; Anyone, Charles Soule; Splintergate, Deborah Christian; The Hidden Girl and Other Stories, Ken Liu; Finna, Nino Cipri; Bubblegum, Adam Levin; The Book Koli, M.R. Carey.


Keep your towel handy and your people safe, fellow travelers - keep e-reading and we'll see you when we reopen!


Librarians Recommend: Get Your Art On!

Have you run out of ideas of what to do with the kids? Fortunately there is always something creative to do with items you can find around the house if you put your artist beret, er, hat on and check out some of the sites below. While some have sign-up options for more extensive programs, all of them have enough free art guides to make it worth the trip. Let's make some art!


Got fabric scraps?  Whether from a sewing project or the pile of outgrown clothes everyone seems to have, What We Can Do With Paper and Glue has a fun series of crafts you can make bits of fabric and some imagination.  Links at the bottom direct you to creative sites which have even more ideas.  Find fun fabric projects here.


Tinkerlab has a great selection of arts and crafts activities everyone from babies to older children, many of which can be made with items you probably have in your house.  These activities are free, and there is also an option for a free 45 day trial period for more intensive activities called Schoolhouse, if you feel so inclined.


Bugs in jello? Driveway painting? Just some of the out of the box creativity you'll find over at Teaching Mama. A former teacher, she has ideas for art activities for kids as well as math, science, homeschooling tips, and more. Start here to make some playdough out of jello, and scroll through to find a lot more fun!


Over at The Artful Parent there are activities specifically geared for the kids at home such as painting with salt or marbleizing with shaving cream. Like most of these sites, there are also Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook options to follow for a wealth of ideas to gets artsy. A good place to start is the blog with "10 Things to Do at Home with Kids."


Ready to rock? Not rock n' roll (although a dance party later sounds like a good idea!) but how about turning your family into rocks? At Color Made Happy, you'll find the how-to step by steps. She suggests where you can get additional products to purchase, but really, you probably have all you need at home except for rocks. Hey kids, time to go rock hunting!


At I Heart Crafty Things, you can follow directions to make fun butterfly, ladybug, and bee cards to celebrate Spring.


Art Tips: Don't have googly eyes at home? Cut them out of paper or simply draw some eyes. You can use recycled paper, old paper bags, cut up cereal boxes for paper, crayons or just pencil and pen for drawing. Feel free to substitute any of the materials with what you have, and to make your own versions of everything. Remember - it's the personal touch that your kids and you bring to any project that makes it creative. Have fun!